In action at the Stanford Dish run

CIMG2456, originally uploaded by Maui Runner.

Believe it or not, this photograph was clicked on my run between miles 10 and 11. This was on the Alpine Road part of the trail, way after the Stanford Dish. I am amazed to see that I am still smiling. It’s definitely thanks to the beautiful downhill towards the end of the run.

PS: This is the first time I am posting from flickr.

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  1. 🙂 Unfortunately, I did not upload the pics, someone else did. I did not have a choice 🙁

  2. Hi, I run around 9 kms. every saturday and hope to be able to run at least a half marathon soon.

    Will visit again and best of luck to you! 🙂

  3. hey u look great after that 10 mile run.

    i wish i could be walking alongside!!


  4. Thanks baba. Why dont you make another trip over here, and we can run/walk together? 🙂 If not, we can defi go for an early morning walk/run the next time I am in India.

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