Week Five

This week, I did a 3-mile buddy run with Niket on the Stevens Creek trail. On Sunday, I did a 5-mile on-your-own run on the treadmill. There was no track workout this week on account of the July 4th weekend, for which Niket and I headed out to Crater Lake. Overall, it was a relatively relaxed week.

4 Replies to “Week Five”

  1. 🙂 Niket has been quite supportive of my running. Just so I need not miss my buddy run while he was here, he decided to run with me. That’s a good direction for the world to head to 😉

  2. Aditya, why don’t you fight this out with Niket? Don’t pull me in between the two of you!

    For the record, we ran an in-and-out trail. So I went to the half-way point and met Niket on the way back. He was walking until then. After that, he ran back to the car with me. So he must have done say 4K.

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