Team in Training is Awesome

Every week, our Team in Training (TNT) coaches put up a “coaches’ message” on the website. Today’s message was simply too good. It was so apt, that I was wondering whether these guys had the ability to read my mind.

The first couple of sentences were something to the effect (paraphrased): While celebrating your successfully completed run on Saturday, many of you might be wondering about your goal to run a marathon. You must be thinking, “Although I managed to complete this challenging run, it was really hard. My aches and pains are really painful, and I feel tired. And this is just 14 miles. How am I going to complete the entire 26.2 miles?”

They then went on to empasize that from here on, mental strength is very important to complete the long runs, in addition to the physical strength. They talked about planning your strategy, including the walking breaks, fluid and calorie intake, etc. And to finish up the message, they put the whole training program in perspective by noting that this is a one day event that we are choosing to participate in. The honored patients, for whom we are all doing this, do not have a choice and their painful battles with leukemia or lymphoma last much longer than any of our training runs or seasons. How true!

The message was very well put. The TNT coaches are really experienced, and have been amazingly encouraging and supportive, while pushing us further and further to our limits. They have a great team of captains and mentors to help them. Each mentor has about 7-8 mentees. Although the mentors are the first point of contact, the captains and coaches pay close attention to your fitness level and muscle aches and injuries. The level of personal attention came as a big surprise to me. They make it a point to cheer in every single participant at the finish line on the long runs. The training schedule is very well planned in great detail. Just follow the schedule and the coaches’ advice, and you will be fine.

I would very highly recommend anyone planning to train for a marathon to train with TNT. They know their job very well. They are the best!

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  1. These lot should be very experianced. They can read your mind well like a mirror in front of them.

    I know you should be able to complete your run. Take my word for it.

    I am with you in your enthusiasm to make this run a great success.

    ….sateesh kaisare

  2. TNT guys are truly awesome! Alongwith physical fitness, I think a lot of long distance running is about mental fortitude. Pradnya, you have a lot of mettle and am sure you will be fine.

  3. Hi Pradnya…congrats on completing the 14 miler. That’s my target on Sep 17th as I attempt the Bangalore half marathon. Ran about 12-13 kms. last saturday. Planning to hit 16-17 kms. tomorrow. Bought new shoes and all…:)

    You mentioned some calorie intake during the run. Are you referring to fluids or do u eat stuff like chocolates or something during the run??


  4. dazedandconfused,
    Thanks for the wishes. Good luck with the half marathon. About your question on calorie intake- we have been told to maintain good hydration and calorie consumption on the run. I typically eat one pack of energy gel every hour. I dont eat anything in the first one hour, as I have a breakfast prior to the run. I am not sure of the brands in India, but in the US these are called Clif shots or GU shots. Each packet contains about 100 calories. Anything that gives you quick calories is okay- even a slice of bread is fine. Just ensure that your body can handle it while running. Hope this helps. I will put up a more detailed post on this later.

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