Week Ten: Done with a 14-miler

On Saturday, August 12th, I successfully completed a 14-mile run. This was a simple, flat route along the Bay Trail. It was not too windy that morning. We started from Redwood Shores and ran north toward San Francisco along the bay. We passed under San Mateo bridge, and turned around about a mile before Coyote Point Recreational Area in San Mateo. This is the first time I ran more than the half marathon distance, and I am quite happy about it.

Although I completed the run in just 5 minutes more than my predicted regular time, it wasn’t one of my best runs. I think I did not time my calorie intake well during the run, and felt really tired between miles 11 and 13. I walked more than normal on that stretch. But once I regained my energy, I managed to finish the last mile with a good pace and a smiling face.

However, the strain on the body is slowly surfacing with a few aches and pains. My left hamstrings are a bit tight, and I will need to follow a regular stretching routine to get them back to normal. I also have a slight pain in the right ankle, which I have been icing all weekend. Hopefully that will be back to normal as well. I am already feeling much better today (Monday), compared to Saturday. These muscle aches are scary. I can definitely feel that I am pushing myself more and more. Hopefully I will manage to get till the 26.2 mile mark. I am quite determined to do that.

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  1. Great job pradnya! 14 miles is huge and all the very best for the big 16, 18 and 20 milers. I am sure you will do great. Aches and pains are part and parcel of marathon training since you are putting in a HUGE effort(after all, less than 1% of the world runs a marathon :-)) … Be sure to stretch, ice and take it real easy this week (if you don’t feel like running on any one day during the week, listen to your body and take that day off … its perfectly okay and will actually help more.)

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