Thank You!

This has been a long overdue post. To all the donors to my fund-raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and to all supporters of my marathon training: a big thank you. Thanks to your support I have managed to far exceed my fund-raising goal. In addition, my employer matched a big chunk of the money I raised. I am quite happy and proud of the collective fund raising effort that we all managed. More details can be found at: My Fundraising Webpage.

Thanks to all the support I received from everyone, I have managed to stick through the training phase. Now I am anxiously awaiting the final event this Sunday. I am feeling quite confident, and slightly nervous at the same time. The marathon promises to be a fun, yet challenging event. Look up more details on the event at: The Nike Marathon.

Once again, thank you everyone.

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  1. Simply amazing, Pradnya! Stay encouraged by the milestones you have crossed. I am sure you will conquer the final one with ease.

  2. GO Pradnya! Think about how many lives you have touched through your fund raising efforts … also about what a wonderful day you are going to have running every mile of your first marathon … and last but not the least, i am sure it will be an amazing feeling crossing that finish line!

  3. Rohit, It truly was an amazing feeling when crossing the finish line. After I picked up the necklace and the t-shirt, I knew this was real, and that I was now a marathon finisher.

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