15 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Marathon 2006: Pictures”

  1. Look at that! Simply amazing. Its pleasure to the eyes looking at these pics.

    I am very very proud of my daughter.

    Some times I kept on feeling back of my mind whether the “t” is missing in that “Nike” (he! he!! he!!!)


  2. Thanks Baba. The missing “t” is quite funny. :-) In response to your joke, Niket ne kapaaLavar haat marla!

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  15. mattoinh7 scrive:  mattoinh7State divagando pericolosamente…eppure prima mi sembrava che l’esempio fatto su Castaignos fosse chiaro! ;)Pensare che sia stata una pura e semplice scelta di Stramaccioni sulla base del suo credo calcistico evidentemente non può essere….boh.

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